Temporary Visa

Do you want to work, study, or visit Canada? You must apply for Temporary Residence to stay in Canada for a certain period of time.

22 Million Visitors come to Canada each year

Temporary visas are limited to a period of generally 6 months to 2 years. After a temporary visa expires, a person must leave the country unless they have already applied for a renewal before the current visa expires. There are different types of temporary visas for three purposes:

Do you want to WORK in Canada?

There are a variety of different work permits. In an individual assessment we will find the right one for your specific situation.

For a regular work permit, the employer must first obtain permission to hire a foreign national from the government by means of a relatively difficult process. The Canadian employer must demonstrate that they cannot find a Canadian who can or will do a specific job. Only after this permission is acquired may a foreign national be hired if his or her professional experience and education exactly match the advertised job in Canada. If these conditions are met, obtaining a work visa is fairly easy, although it should be noted that such visas are generally limited to 1 – 4 years.

Canada has international treaties with other countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria that make it much easier for younger people under 35 years old to obtain a work visa to try out the job market in Canada for 6 months to 2 years. It should be noted that the exact requirements vary depending on the country you are coming from.

Do you want to STUDY in Canada?

A study permit is required for all courses of study that last longer than 6 months. This includes not only students at universities but all forms of education. You must be accepted by an educational institution and be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient financial resources for the cost of education and cost of living while studying.

Do you want to VISIT Canada?

For most countries in the EU, especially Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, a formal visa does not have to be applied for before visiting Canada. Generally, being a citizen of these countries is enough to enter Canada and stay for a maximum of 6 months. It must be noted that this visa does not permit you to work in Canada and the immigration authorities must be convinced that you will, in fact, leave the country again before the 6 months are up.

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