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Permanent Visa

Thousand of individuals become permanent residents each year. Permanent visas allow the holder to work and move freely in Canada in all provinces. These freedoms are dependent on the condition that the visa holder must spend 40% of any given time period in Canada and must not commit any serious criminal offences.

Temporary Visa

Temporary visas are limited to a period of generally 6 months to 2 years. After a temporary visa expires, a person must leave the country unless they have already applied for and obtained another visa. All temporary visa can be renewed. However, an application for renewal must be submitted before the visa expires.


If you have held the immigration status of a “permanent resident” for about 3 years and spent 75% of this time in Canada, you may qualify for Canadian Citizenship. You can obtain Canadian Citizenship through application. We are happy to assist you with becoming a dual citizen – Canadian and your home country.

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