About Canada

Canada wants to admit 1.2 Million new residents from 2021 to 2023 – let’s make you one of those!

Immigrants particularly value Canada for its high standards of living and safety. Canada is never in the first ranks when there are conflicts on the international stage, and crime rates within the country are decidedly low.

Along with Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America Canada is one of the world’s quintessential immigrant countries.

Canada has the most natural resources. Those include oil and gas, timber, water and minerals such as Lithium and Uranium.

Canada possesses world-nown and incomparably beautiful natural heritage as well as dynamic and lively cities which are a pleasure to explore.

Business-friendly tax rates create many opportunities for commercial development. The real estate market is strong and has experienced appreciations in value.

In Canada a great variety of cultures and backgrounds come together in a unique and peaceful way.

For all the reasons above, it seems likely that Canada will continue to receive many more applications for immigration than it can process. About 320,000 applications for immigration on a permanent visa are processed every year.

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